NW Creation Conference

Dr. Juan Valdez and Carl Kerby from “Reasons for Hope” were the keynote speakers for the annual Northwest Creation Conference, challenging youth and teenagers this weekend to think critically for themselves regarding God’s Design for Man. They covered topics such as Answering Skeptics, The Case for Creation, What’s the Deal on Homosexuality, There is No Truth…Debunked!, Science vs. Faith, and Evangelism 101. It was wonderful to see a number of churches unite to host the three days of the conference to reach young people, and to challenge their faith. There never seems to be enough time for Q & A, as young people asked honest questions they have related to God’s Design. These men are passionate about training and equipping a new generation to stand boldly on the Word of God.

The speakers also participated in a number of local churches for their weekend services as well as served several local Christians schools including the Tacoma Christian Academy. We hope to hold these conferences annually to equip believers to answer their questions and be ready to answer the unbeliever the hope they have.